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zipSCREEN – The Original, Made in Germany!

Resistant . Modern. Functional.


Would you like to see your windows free of accessories but you want to keep privacy?                                                                   

Are you searching for an alternative to the traditional systems?

Do you need shadow to make your energy costs more efficient?

Looking for something that also includes insect protection?



The zipSCREEN is a versatil solution with several colors and fabrics.
You have the option of exterior shading or you can use it inside in both windows and glass doors.
It's efficient from an energy point of view and it's prepared to resist to climate changes.


It can be defined as sunscreens for windows, shade blinds or insect protection screens.

See more detailed information about zipscreens: Characteristics, Advantages, Details.


Principal zipSCREEN Characteristics:


  • UV protection.
  • Wind and weatherproof resistant.
  • Several fabrics and colors available.
  • Blackout option.
  • Motor drive source. Option to include remote control.
  • Available with a maximum width of 6 metres. 


Advantages of its use:


  • Helps to reduce energy costs.
  • Reflects solar radiation up to 70%.
  • Can be used as a shading solution.
  • Insect protection.
  • Replaces blinds, shutters or curtains.
  • Screens can be applied outside or inside windows and glass doors.


Product details:


  • Reaction at different temperatures:

In sunny days, the screen allows the reflection of solar radiation thus keeping the heat outside and a nice temperature inside the room. In colder days, the sun enters through our windows and naturally warms the area, and by closing the screen the heat will be keept inside.


  •  Closed screens behavior:

 Can be assembled outside or inside. The zipscreen has a vertical guide along the entire height and when fully closed is weatherproof  and blocks the insect entry.


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